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Greenhouse Newsletter - Add Personality to Your Garden

March 1st, 2006:


March 2006
Volume 11


Better Homes And Gardens
Be Creative - Add Personality to Your Garden
Introduce a Child to Gardening


Gardeners across North America are gearing up for spring, the official beginning of the gardening season. Most of us can't wait to get our hands dirty and are waiting patiently to see the first sprouts peak through the soil. Thank you to those who have sent us photos of your early blooming bulbs to share with our readers. Photos are always a welcome addition to our Newsletter. For garden creativity, you'll want to read on. See how easy it is to add personality to your garden with items found in garage sales or around the house. Now is the time to get your seeds ordered - try something new this year or share a package of seeds with a friend.

Better Homes And Gardens

Did you know that we were featured in The Better Homes & Gardens Garden Products and Planning Guide is on news stands across North America in May 2002?  We are very proud to have had our Victorian Greenhouses selected by Better Homes & Gardens for inclusion in their prestigious magazine. The greenhouse featured belonged to one of our customers located in LaSalle, Ontario. Gardening magazines provide us with many ideas for our own gardens, and are a valuable resource tool.



Be Creative - Add Personality to Your Garden

If you would like to create a one-of-a-kind garden with personality, use your imagination and think of creative ways to re-use items that you may otherwise throw away. Garage sale items, household junk or old and worn items may be perfect to add that personality punch to your garden. The trick is to blend the item into the garden. Use your imagination and think of new ways to use old things.

For example, an old work boot or worn garden clog makes a charming container for plants and flowers. Old doors or iron gates can make a unique trellis. Old wheelbarrows, watering cans and carts make wonderful plant containers. Re-paint an old chair to sit on in the garden, or place a container on the seat.


As demonstrated in the photo, an old door not only adds interest and charm to this back border, but also provides vines with much needed support. Gourd birdhouses are easy to grow and attract birds who diet on many unwanted garden pests.


Sometimes, things happen by accident. I have always used our grandfather's old wheelbarrow as a beautiful garden container. Whatever I have left over from the yard goes into the wheelbarrow. As an added bonus, I can easily wheel it around to different parts of the yard, one day in the front, next day in the back! The problem was wasps wanting to nest down the open handles. So, to keep the wasps out, I put a pair of gardening gloves over the handle ends. As you can see from the photo, it certainly adds personality to the wheelbarrow, and it all came about as an accidental solution to keep pests away.

Joan, a member of the Belle River Horticultural Society, has some wine crates that she turned into tiny rock gardens on her front porch. Luckily for Joan, she works in the business and wine crates are easy to come by.that is until everyone began asking her for them! These containers are a perfect example of how Joan was able to think of a new way to use something old.



I came across an old bird cage that was used for parrots and thought it would make an interesting addition to a new garden I was building in my backyard. The wrought iron cage is about 5' high and 3' in diameter. I also enjoy feeding the birds, and thought I could house my bird feeders inside the cage, letting birds in, but keeping squirrels out. It's easy to see the cage in the early photo when the garden was first built. The second photo shows the same garden just three years later, and you'll note the cage is smothered in Clematis directly behind the bright yellow Coreopsis. I must say, the cage has become quite a conversation piece for our neighbors, but it blends beautifully into the garden while attracting birds at the same time.

This year, while you're spring cleaning, or clearing out the garage, try to look at old things in a new way. With a little imagination, perhaps you can add some personality to your garden with something you may have thrown away!


Above photos are gardens featured in past Belle River Horticultural Society Garden Tours. All photos were taken by Michelle Hamelin.


Introduce a Child to Gardening

Children love to garden and find it very rewarding to grow their own flowers, plants and vegetables. They are eager to learn and glad to help out. We encourage you to introduce gardening to a child this year. Little green thumbs will be delighted!
I'll be keeping an eye out this spring on some unique "finds" to add more punch to my garden's personality, and I hope you will too. My garage desperately needs cleaning, who knows what I'll find!

Backyard Greenhouses
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Written By: Shelley Awad
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