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Five Wall Polycarbonate Greenhouse - Save on Greenhouse Heating Costs

Click here to view some of our five wall polycarbonate greenhouses.
Click here to view some of our five wall polycarbonate lean-to's.
Greenhouse glazing has never been better!  We are pleased to introduce our new and improved Five Wall Polycarbonate, making our line of greenhouses more heat efficient than ever!
Our triple wall polycarbonate has been replaced with a new five wall polycarbonate.  The thickness remains at 16mm which means that all of our greenhouse framing will remain the same. 
The R Value of five wall polycarbonate is 3.03, the most important benefit of this change.  This is a 21% improvement over the triple wall polycarbonate glazing previously offered.  The light transmission is slightly lower at 62%.
A greenhouse glazed with the new five wall polycarbonate will cost 21% less to heat than the previous triple wall polycarbonate glazing.
In addition, the five wall polycarbonate is approximately 50% more efficient than double glass, 10mm triple wall polycarbonate and 8mm four wall polycarbonate. 
It is approximately 80% more efficient than 6mm twin wall polycarbonate or 8mm twin wall polycarbonate panels.
The new five wall polycarbonate will be offered at the same price as our previous triple wall polycarbonate.  There is absolutely no price increase for this new and improved product!
Ultimately, this is the most energy efficient line of greenhouses available on today's market!
If you would like to receive a detailed quote on one of our five wall polycarbonate greenhouses, please do not hesitate to call us toll free 1-800-665-2124.

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