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Our products..

Browse through our incredible selection of greenhouse kits, and greenhouse accessories.  You're sure to find the perfect greenhouse for your backyard, school or business.  
Backyard Greenhouses offers one of the largest selection of greenhouses in North America.  We have over 8,000 sizes to choose from, and offer a variety of free standing greenhouses, lean-to home attached atriums, commercial greenhouses, custom greenhouses and pool enclosures.   Choose from twin wall polycarbonate, five wall polycarbonate, single tempered glass, double tempered glass, or a combination glass/polycarbonate model.

Contact one of our Greenhouse Consultants today for your free quote.  Call 1-800-665-2124.

Free Standing Greenhouses  (39 products)
        Combination Poly/Glass Greenhouses  (11 products)
        Commercial Greenhouses  (3 products)
        Custom Greenhouses  (1 product)
        Double Glass Greenhouses  (4 products)
               Cape Cod Series  (0 product)
               Pacific Series  (1 product)
               Traditional Series  (7 products)
        Five Wall Polycarbonate Greenhouses  (7 products)
               Cape Cod  (1 product)
               Traditional Series  (6 products)
        Single Glass Greenhouses  (17 products)
               Cape Cod  (4 products)
               Pacific Series  (3 products)
               Traditional Series  (9 products)
        Twin Wall Polycarbonate Greenhousese  (11 products)
               Cape Cod Series  (0 product)
               Pacific Series  (7 products)
               Traditional Series  (4 products)
Greenhouse Accessories  (12 products)
        Greenhouse Benches  (1 product)
        Greenhouse Gardening Books  (3 products)
        Greenhouse Heating & Cooling  (8 products)
Lean-To Home Attached  (17 products)
        Commercial Lean-to Home Attached Lean to  (1 product)
        Custom Lean-to Home Attached Greenhouses  (1 product)
        Double Glass Lean to Home Attached Greenhouses  (4 products)
               Pacific Series  (1 product)
               Traditional Series  (3 products)
        Five Wall Polycarbonate Lean-to Greenhouse   (3 products)
        Single Glass Lean-to Greenhouse  (6 products)
               Pacific Series  (3 products)
               Traditional Series  (3 products)
        Twin Wall Polycarbonate Lean-to Greenhouse  (3 products)
               Pacific Series  (2 products)
               Traditional Series  (1 product)
Feature Greenhouses On Sale  (16 products)
        Cape Cod Series - On Sale  (5 products)
        Cedar Greenhouse  (0 product)
        Legacy Greenhouse Kits  (1 product)
        Pacific Series - On Sale  (4 products)
        Sun Garden Greenhouse Kits  (1 product)
        The Parkside Greenhouse  (1 product)
        Traditional Series - On Sale  (7 products)

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